We know from experience how difficult it is to find hot and spicy chilli oils and sauces without compromising on flavour, and so we have created a mouthwatering line of chilli oils and sauces, as well as a cooking sauce that is authentic and free of artificial ingredients; we created these with one purpose and one purpose only - to give people the ultimate chilli experience without compromise, with every bit of heat we ensure we match it with tantalising flavour.  Ntsama  Chilli Oil and Sauces are Homemade to traditional recipes from Mama Ntsama using the hottest Scotch Bonnet Chillis. 

Mama Ntsama’s chilli oil and sauce are hand-prepared from locally sourced Scotch Bonnet chillies and one or two other secret ingredients.

There are many other chilli products on the market today, but Mama Ntsama’s chilli oil is prepared in a unique way, which gives it an unforgettable taste. Mama Ntsama made her oil a real labour of love and we want to share that with other people who also love the way good food brings people together.

There are now 3 flavours:

Classic, Ginger and Garlic, Lemon and Thyme. Whichever flavour you choose, we guarantee a chilli experience that will make you come back over and over again.