Classic Sauce

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Classic Sauce

We use only the finest ingredients to produce Ntsama’s Chilli Sauce. We make sure that no artificial additives are included in any of our products.

Consider yourself a seasoned chef? Then this is the product for you. Classic by name, but not by nature. It brings that special flavour that only Scotch bonnet can – binding and enhancing the flavours in even the simplest dishes! Use to spice up your chilli con carne, curries, pasta sauces and even your rice dishes.

Chilli aficionados admit to us that they use our sauce in place of fresh chillies, as a condiment or to spice up ingredients. Quality allied with versatility. Great as a marinade by adding to Natural Yogurt to marinade Chicken before roasting, grilling or on the BBQ.

INGREDIENTS: (Scotch bonnets, salt, vinegar blends and oils trace.)

5 reviews for Classic Sauce

  1. Anthony Britton

    Very versatile, we went through our first jar of original hot sauce very quickly because we had it with most meals. Works well on it’s own and also mixed with mayo.

  2. Rebecca Bazeley

    These are fabulous! Hot, hot but packed with flavour. I love them. And thanks to super quick delivery have just tried your chilli oil, which is also delicious, totally livened up my soup just drizzling a bit before

  3. Ailen

    Simply awesome full of flavour. It just wakes the taste bud. The oil or the sauce or both oil and sauce can be included in marinade, or used for stir fry, soups, stew, beans, porridge etc. Nice one. You

  4. Jaz LD

    Firstly, flavours…. through the roof. We go through a jar in a week or two. We use it in everything! From breakfast I.e. Baked Beans, to dinner. We add it into our stew okra, Ackee, we mix it with our

  5. Mark Gray

    I love the fact these chilli sauces and oils are made from real quality natural ingredients not relying on chemicals to enhanced or preservatives. It really brings out some nice flavours, which are sadly

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