Ginger and Garlic Sauce

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Ginger and Garlic Sauce

This jar contains 36 servings = 0.19p per serving


Ginger and Garlic Sauce (Best Seller)

This product is packed full of flavour and also packs a punch. The ingredients are few but the flavour is through the roof! It is fantastic as a condiment, complimenting any roasts, gammon, steak or chicken dishes. Great in a slow cooked meals, or simply added to soy sauce to create a delicious pork marinade. You can spice up your sushi by mixing with soy sauce instead of wasabi; or if you dare, just use as is! This sauce is so versatile, your options are endless.

Our chilli sauce has also been cooked and blended with garlic and root ginger for a deeply satisfying, earthy taste. An applauded product in our range. This bestseller complements any dish. Great in curries, pasta sauces, casseroles, or simply add to mayonnaise to create your own burger sauce, salad dressing or as an accompaniment to Lamb, Beef or Pork.


Scotch bonnets, garlic, ginger, salt, vinegar blends and oils (trace).

1 review for Ginger and Garlic Sauce

  1. Serena

    The Garlic & Ginger sauce is absolutely game-changing! We are literally addicted. We add it to mayonnaise and sour cream for giving a punchy taste to burgers, sandwiches and chips. We use it for marinating

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