Firstly, flavours…. through the roof. We go through a jar in a week or two. We use it in everything! From breakfast I.e. Baked Beans, to dinner. We add it into our stew okra, Ackee, we mix it with our houmous and just have it on bread as a snack, we mix it with Mayo and ketchup and BBQ sauce. It’s so versatile and just brings EVERYTHING to life! I’ve added it into mash too and coleslaw. We’re vegan and we appreciate that these products are vegan friendly too. So addictive and we love how clean the ingredients are! Grateful they exist!


Secondly, service… We have never seen better service in our lives. We met the ntsama team at the V show 2017 and they were so welcoming, friendly and helpful. We just ordered a set of jars, but in transit one of the jars smashed, unfortunately. Being so close to Christmas I didn’t expect anything really from the team but when I told them what happened, they PERSONALLY delivered my replacement package with an extra free sauce! I don’t even have words for the appreciation I have. I recommend this product to any, and everyone! Such kind and perfect service. Fast shipping and great presentation also! Will continue to support and buy for all of time!

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