I love the fact these chilli sauces and oils are made from real quality natural ingredients not relying on chemicals to enhanced or preservatives. It really brings out some nice flavours, which are sadly absent in many of the sugary chilli sauces that are available in the supermarkets.

For me I love heat, and these sauces pack heat quite nicely. But I also like the fact I can choose a softer sauce or oil in the Lemon and Thyme, which packs so much flavour, focusing on beautiful taste rather than on pure heat.


I have tried many different sauces, Encona, Insanity, Black Mamba, Linghams, you name it I have probably tried it. But hand on heart, for flavour, honesty of ingredients and versatility, the Ntsama sauces win hands down. Don’t believe me, try for yourself I bet you will order more.